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COVID-19 Updates for People with Disabilities


July 6 memo provides guidance that would allow for the use of private medical evaluations to establish eligibility for E1 services and the provisions of Interim IFSP due to the current limitations imposed by COVID. Read in full


USDOE did not request a waiver of the core tenets of IDEA of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Action of 1973, including free appropriate public education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment (LRE). Schools must provide education to all students, including those with disabilities, and that the needs of the individual’s student should guide decisions and expenditures. The waiver recommended that services typically provided in person be permitted be provided through alternative methods.
The waiver recommends an allowance of continued services through Part C Early Intervention due to delayed transition to Part B Ages 3 to 21.

New Jersey State Board of Education FAQs

The New Jersey State Board of Education approved emergency changes in New Jersey administrative code to allow students with disabilities to receive their special education services remotely while schools are closed due to the coronavirus. Read in full

US Department of Education COVID FAQs

The United States Department of Education Questions and Answers Providing Services to Children with Disabilities during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Outbreak. Read in Full.

New Jersey Department of Health COVID Update for Support Persons

NJDOH has issued guidance clarifying that designated support persons for people with disabilities is considered essential. Hospitals are required to allow a designed support person to remain a disabled patient during hospitalization. A designed support person may be a family member, personal care assistant, or another disability service provider. Read inf Full.

NJ Department of Education Provides Information on Virtual Learning and Privacy

The Family Education and Privacy Act is the student’s privacy law. This addresses the best FEPA practices for remotely learning and privacy laws. Read in full.

Important Resources

Please review the documents below for more information regarding important COVID updates:

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