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South Brunswick Special Education Attorney

About South Brunswick School District

South Brunswick is in Middlesex County, NJ. Approximately 8500 students attend the district’s nine schools, of whom approximately 800 are classified as special needs. Approximately 30 special needs students are sent out-of-district. 

The annual budget is approximately $152 million, of which the local taxpayers raise approximately $118 million. Under $15 million is for Special Education . Per pupil cost is in approximately $14,300 annually. 

As in most public school districts in New Jersey, Special Education represents a significant portion of the district’s costs and responsibilities. Consequently, the districts face significant fiscal restraints when dealing soaring costs. It is important that parents of special needs students be fully represented by a knowledgeable Special Education Attorney or Educational Advocate from a child’s initial Individualized Education Program (IEP) through to the student’ s graduation or de-classification. The laws dictating his/her education are complicated and could be very costly to both the parent and the school district. No one knows your child better than you. That knowledge and insight must be communicated so that the student receives the education he/she deserves and is required by law to receive. 

South Brunswick Special Education Legal Services

At Susan Clark Law Group, we provide guidance and representation every step of the way to ensure a thorough and efficient, free education for your son or daughter. Further, we provide a free consultation before you sign with us so that you will know what to expect in your communications with the school district. We know and have experience with the South Brunswick schools. They are dedicated educators dealing with constraining budgets and trying to provide the best education for their students. However, the laws require that your child be provided with a unique educational program dictated by his/her Individualized Education Program (IEP). At kSusan Clark Law Group, we will work on your child’s behalf so that he or she receives all to which he/she is entitled. At our website,, you can view all of our blogs dealing with special education law and practices, and how they may pertain to your child. Many things can be done by yourself. However, make certain that you understand every issue and the idiosyncrasies and legal ramifications of each. Several law firms, such as The Susan Clark Law Group offer free suggestions which you can pursue yourself or with an educational advocate. It is ultimately your decision how you wish to proceed to best serve the needs of your child. Listed at the bottom of this articles are areas with which we deal on a common basis. 

Schools in the South Brunswick School District

For your convenience, the contact information for the district’s schools and the Supervisor of Special Education are: 

Supervisor of Special Education

Megan Plummer 732-297-7800 ext 3142 

South Brunswick High School 732-329-4044 

Crossroads Middle School 732-329-4191 

Brunswick Acres Elementary School 732-297-6621 

Brooks Crossing and Deans Elementary School 732-821-7478 

Cambridge Elementary School 732-297-2941 

Constable Elementary School 732-297-2488 

Greenbrook Elementary School 732-297-2480 

Indian Fields and Dayton Elementary School 732-329-1043 

Monmouth Junction Elementary School 732-329-6981 

Special Education Attorneys in South Brunswick

One of the most important parts of a special needs child’s education is in the creation and monitoring of the Individualized Education Program (IEP). The development of this document requires time, patience, evaluation, monitoring, and future planning. Strict time-lines are set. Medical and Educational evaluations must be studies to ascertain where the child is academically, medically, emotionally, and socially. When this is known, it must be determined where he/she should be in those areas. At that point, it is incumbent upon the child study team (of which you, the parent, is/are members) to develop the measurable goals and objectives to get to where he/she should be. 

At Susan Clark Law Group, we have been involved in numerous cases that deal with various areas of special education needs, including: 

IEP’s examination, development, and follow-through, Out-of-district placements, Mediation, Due process petitions, School long-term suspensions and expulsions, Harassment, bullying, and intimidation, 504 Plans, Guardianship of children with special needs.

Visit us and see if we are a good fit for your child’s needs. 

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