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Disciplining Students With Disabilities

Published October 29, 2020 by Susan Clark Law Group LLC
Disciplining Students With Disabilities

Given the climate of school violence that exists today in many of our schools in the form of bullying, guns, and threats to safety, schools are developing zero-tolerance policies to help protect their students. However, these policies must follow rules…

COVID Questions Answered

Published by Susan Clark Law Group LLC
COVID Questions Answered

COVID SPECIAL EDUCATION HOTLINE: 732-637-5248 My Child’s Progress Report Said, “Unable to Measure Due to COVID.” What Should I Do? This is unacceptable. Neither State nor Federal Law provides a waiver to the District to provide Special Education Services or…

Susan Clark Law Group COVID-19 Update

Published March 24, 2020 by Susan Clark Law Group LLC
Important COVID-19 Update To Our Clients And Families With Children With Disabilities

At Susan Clark Law Group, we understand that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is hitting families and children with special needs the hardest. Families are struggling financially, and children who desperately need structure and critical services are at home without those services….

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