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Why do some students get 504 plans and others get IEP?

Question: Why do so many students who are referred to child study teams get a 504 Plan rather than a research-based Individual Educational Plans?

Answer: When the school completes its evaluation of your child, it decides whether or not he or she qualifies under the provisions of IDEA. If they determine that the child does not qualify, they will meet with you to determine if he or she qualifies for a 504 Plan. Usually, this will provide your child with accommodations to help with the disorder. The 504 Plan is sometimes considered as a consolation prize for those not sufficiently disabled to qualify under IDEA. If you disagree, you should request an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) at public expense. (The school can deny this request by filing a due process hearing to demonstrate that its evaluation was appropriate.) This should be done by a professional who is not employed by the school district. The person selected for the IEE could be very important. The evaluation by a medical profession is often accepted by the district.

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